Nymbol’s Holiday Toast 2012

Posted on December 25, 2012 in News, Nymbol

Some Holiday Antics from Nymbol and Troupe with special guest ‘Krampus.’
A very Happy Holiday Season to every Creature and Being both big and small.
We are so thankful to all of you for how you bring your own Magic to Nymbol’s World simply by believing.

Shot at Nymbol’s little home in Langley, Washington.
A Huge Thanks to George Henny and the lovely folks of Whidbey Telecom.
Thank you for playing along and being part of the fun.

Video, Sound and Editing by Caven Keith of Stone Knot Studio, also on Whidbey Island.
This would not be possible without him. A Special Thanks to Nicole Keith, who has graciously shared her husband with Nymbol’s troupe for the many, many hours it takes to make a stunning 5 minutes of video.

You FaerieWorlds fans will also notice that Krampus may bear a slight resemblance to ‘Wotan the Faerie Smasher’. I think they might be related.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
We are looking forward to a very exciting 2013, filled with even more adventures and many new friends.

Finally, to all those who we may now only hold in our hearts.
We will always remember your friendship, light, the joy you brought to our family and the world.
You are missed but never forgotten.

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