Content Marketing Retreat 2013

Posted on May 12, 2013 in Community, FSM, News

I was pleased to attend and provide video services for the 3rd annual Content Marketing Retreat in Langley, WA, focusing on strategic video storytelling and hosted by The Langley Center for New Media and FusionSpark Media. Right after the event we were pleased to produce a short video for John Gauntt of Media Dojo about the content of the two day retreat.

The tough thing about “shooting a quick video” is that there is no such thing. Even just sitting at a table on the front porch of a pub takes a little love and kindness to make it something worth watching. I let them sit and have their talk while a production assistant made sure beer glasses stayed full, the boom operator did his job in a tight space, the additional lighting stayed in place, and the camera operator worked the angles. Then the post-production kicked in so that they could have the video ready for the conference call.


This is all just to underline what it really takes to start bumping your content up a notch or two, and why your dollars are worth spending on professionals.